We are more than just a One-Stop Service as we offer a Multi cross-service strategy by sharing the business connections we have to suit the needs of our customers’ business.

1. Shortcut to Success 

We are ready to share the experience of successful brand building to help shorten the learning curve for your brand to achieve success in a short time.

2. We are the Success Enhancer 

We are ready to share the knowledge and experience in doing cosmetic and cosmeceutical business that we have to increase the success of customers.

3. Your goal is our goal / Together we aim. 

We are ready to offer our products and services to help you reach your business goals.


Product formulas research and development

We have an efficient research and development team who are both medical scientists and cosmetic scientists to formulate the effective formulas based on the refined substances and innovations determined by the doctors and pharmacists. Along with those, we provide in-depth performance testing and compatibility testing between product formulas and the packaging that customers choose to pack.

Logo and Packaging Design

We have a professional designer team helping you to create an impressive brand, label, and packaging design based on customers’ brand concepts and brand guidelines. Moreover, we offer high-quality materials that have passed the packaging test.

Document Registrations

We arrange for document registration with the FDA. This includes submitting documents for any product certification from the government organizations to promote the competitive edge of the customer’s product in the marketplace.

Marketing Consultant

As a successful brand owner, we are ready to share our valuable marketing knowledge, experiences, and business connections. And this is a privilege for Pruksa Lab’s customers only.

Why Pruksa Lab?

Pruksa Laboratory was established by dermatologists, managed by a senior medical professor team, and supervised by a highly experienced doctors team.

The products have met customer satisfaction for more than 30 years.

With the continuously growing sales of our brand products in the market, we can guarantee your product success as well.

The product research & development (R&D) team can develop formulas to meet the customer's needs.

As we realized the importance of product cost management, we always help our customers to do the best brand at the most reasonable cost.

The raw materials are selected and screened by doctors and cosmetic scientists.

Professional marketing and business consultant services are available.

Guarantee the factory stability with the authorized capital of Pruksa Group for more than 120 million baths.

Product standards and efficiency are well recognized and well known among the regional and international beauty clinics and hospitals.

With our effective Omni-service management, the suitable business matching to our partners and connection will be offered to our customers, and this will support their business success.