“We have an efficient research and development team who are both medical scientists and cosmetic scientists to formulate the effective formulas based on the refined substances and innovations determined by the doctors and pharmacists. Along with those, we provide in-depth performance testing and compatibility testing between product formulas and the packaging that customers choose to pack.”

Production conditions:

The minimum order quantity for production is 500 pieces or 20,000 baht per bill.

The minimum order quantity for formula research and development is 5 Kilograms or 30,000 baht per bill.

If you have your own packaging, labels, and boxes, please submit at least 10% more than your production amount. If left, the company will return them all together with your finished products.

For bringing your own extracts, please take care of the stock of the substance yourself, and please allow time for lab testing at least 15 days.

Product Formulas Development Process

Brand requirements informing

Inform your product specification type of product, product results, product color and scent, and other desired specifications to become your brand unique selling points.

A sample of the formula making

The researcher team will thoroughly research the formula before doing a sample. We will do an internal experiment to ensure that it does not cause skin irritation before submitting it to the customer. This process will take 15 working days in case of having a stock of raw materials. If additional substances need to be imported, the duration will increase.

Product performance test

To meet our customer's needs as much as possible, it allows 3 times of product formula adjustment based on the original concept that was previously informed. If the adjustment is required for more than 3 times, it may incur additional costs.

Formula stability test

A slight improvement from the standard formulas we have i.g. color or scent adjustment will take about 15 days. A new formula research will take about 30-90 days depends on the raw materials and the difficulty of the required formula.

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