To enable customers’ products to be legal and fully marketable in every channel, we will provide documents for the FDA registration as well as the process in every step until the product has been properly registered and certified by the government sector.

Registration and other document operation services process

Customer informs Brand and product information.

After choosing the product formula, the customer has to provide the brand name and product name in English with Thai reading words. Along with these, the packing size and packaging information is required.

Customer prepares the required documents for the FDA.

For the benefit to the customer's brand for further marketing, the customer needs to prepare the customer's company registration documents and the production confirmation letter that will be notified in the FDA's system as the product distributor

Staff prepares the product formula according to the customer's confirmation.

Staff will gather formula documents and product distributor documents. This process takes about 7 days depends on the completeness of the customer's documents. Therefore, please the customer to prepare your document completely and thoroughly to make the duration shorter.

The FDA considers the request.

The request is considered by the Cosmetics Department of the Food and Drug Administration, which takes about 7-15 business days. However, in the case of the FDA requests for some corrections or additional documents, it may cause a longer time.

The FDA registration request is approved.

The customer will receive the registration number and the approved documents from the FDA, which can be legally displayed on the product label.

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