About Us

Behind the exclusive elegance and grand reputation of Pruksa Clinic Beauty Center, besides the greatest dedication and determination of the founder – Dr. Sethakan Atthagornpan – and the experience of the medical team for over 3 decades, the high-quality products used for clinic’s treatment courses, as well as the highly effective skincare products provided to our customers, are surely the powerful key to this proud achievement.
Pruksa Laboratory is the global-standard cosmetic and skincare products factory that stands as Pruksa Clinic’s best supporter for over 30 years. With the expertise and strong experience of our medical team, the pharmaceutical and cosmetic scientists encourage our products are well-known and stand out for the best selective performance and quality that perfectly delivered to our customers.

“Pruksa Laboratory” The best cosmetic and cosmeceutical factory that stands for our business philosophy, “To Deliver the best products with the highly efficient for the best results”

A key-people behind the prestigious reputation and success of Pruksa Clinic.

The perfect combination of the professional medical team and dermatologist team with state-of-the-art treatment innovation and high-quality cosmetic products lead Pruksa Clinic Group has become a stable organization with a registered capital of up to 120 million baht for more than 30 years.

Great success starts off a solid little path.

To respond to the most precise and effective treatment, Pruksa Clinic has its product development department under the close supervision of a specialist team to make sure every production goes up to the standard.
The clinic principle of operation is to focus on the results of treatments and the successful solutions to solve patients’ skin health problems. Thus, the product has received a large number of positive feedback. The management, therefore, had the intention to forward this valuable success to the cosmetic and cosmeceutical businesses, as well as those who want to build their brand. That is the establishment of Pruksa Laboratories.

Big growth based on the same determination

Currently, Pruksa laboratory is a cosmetic factory under the supervision of a dermatologist and medical team that meets all customer needs and guarantee your brand success with the ASEAN GMP standards that are certified by the Food and Drug Administration.
Pruksa Laboratory is outstanding and widely known for its reliability of product researching and development by a professional cosmetic scientist team. Including to the innovation and technology used in production to meet the international standard.
Pruksa Laboratory also provides the expert marketer and business development team to advise and support its customers’ branding and marketing as well.
Although our business development pace has been growing continuously, our philosophy of operation and corporate culture still an emphasis on determination, meticulousness, and attention in every production process. We always have an uncompromising inspection standard to deliver the highest quality products to customers.

A cosmetic factory that guarantees your success

  • With a large number of clients and production of millions of pieces per year, Pruksa Laboratory guarantees the brand’s success on the cosmetic and cosmeceutical business route.
  • A large number of Pruksa Laboratories customers able to succeed as global standard product brands that can compete both regionally and internationally.
  • The rapid growth and success of customer brands make us proud as a manufacturer. This encourages us to keep going on the creation of high-performance products.

Our Certificates and Standard

Currently, Pruksa Laboratory is a global-standard cosmetic and skincare product manufacturer with the close supervision of an experienced dermatologist team. We aim to meet all of your needs and guarantee the success of your brand with the ASEAN GMP standard that is accredited by the Thailand Food and Drug Administration, including the perfect combination of innovative production technology and modern machines.

Our Promise

“We commit to continuously research the innovation and new powerful substances and deliver high-technology production, high-quality products, and high-standard services to meet our customers’ satisfaction in any way.”

Our Factory Photos