“We provide a professional graphic design team with great branding knowledge to meet customers’ needs in a wide range of designing styles up to the market and brand’s target customers. Only by telling us of your brand concept, mood & tone of design you need, then we can create a massively impressive brand and product design for you.”

Product Design Service Process

Informing brand requirements

Inform us of the product design you require as the type of packaging, the color scheme, the favorite pattern, and the material. Customers can show us the references to make it clear communication.

Designing according to the customer's briefing.

The graphic designer team meticulously work on the brand's product design according to the customer briefing information and also determine the materials that are suitable for that design.

Presenting designs to clients

The graphic designer submits the image as a JPG or PDF file that is an unfolded 2D image of the workpiece (If you need an Ai file, 3D picture, or a mockup, please inform in advance). The client can adjust the design 3 times based on the original concept. For the benefit of the customer to sell their product widely in the market, all of the format details on the label will strictly follow the principles set by the Thailand FDA only.

Continue to the next process

i.g. the marketing consultant service, or other services as customer needs.

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