Production conditions

The minimum order quantity for production is 500 pieces or 20,000 baht per bill.

The minimum order quantity for formula research and development is 5 Kilograms or 30,000 baht per bill.

If you have your own packaging, labels, and boxes, please submit at least 10% more than your production amount. If left, the company will return them all together with your finished products.

For bringing your own extracts, please take care of the stock of the substance yourself, and please allow time for lab testing at least 15 days.

9 Steps of Cosmetics Brand Building

1. Develop product formulas.

All of the standard formulas of Pruksa Lab have been well researched. They all have been the formula stability tests and meet the highest range of customers’ satisfaction.

2. Choose packaging and packing quantity.

Customers can choose the same packagings as the Pruksa Clinic brand, which are guaranteed to always be in stock. We have various packaging, either domestic production or imported from abroad, to meet the customers’ needs as much as possible.

3. Staff submits the quotation.

The quotation will let the customer know the total cost, as well as the specific lead time and other conditions.

4. Customer pay for production according to the terms of payment.

Customers can pay by bank transfer or billing. In the case of payment by credit cards, please contact the staff or pay via the Pruksa clinic at any branch.

5. Design product logo, labels, and packaging.

Brand image is important. So the customers who begin the brand building, please thoroughly tell us the requirement or let us help by proposing the ideas.

6. Register product with the FDA.

We submit the FDA registration for our customers from the beginning to the end of the process, in which the customer must prepare their company documents and other documents as notified by the officer.

7. Manufacturing

The production will start after the product composition is intact. It takes 15 working days for product manufacturing and more 15-45 working days for packing. The production lead time depends on the number of finished products in each production lot.

8. Pay the balance.

When the product is finished, we will reconfirm the customer of the delivery schedule and location. The balance will be notified to the customer. After receiving the proof of payment, we will deliver the products according to the customer’s confirmation.

9. Deliver product.

The delivery in the Kingdom of Thailand is free of charge with the delivering conditions of the Pruksa Laboratory: Delivering in Bangkok and its vicinity by the transportation system of Pruksa Laboratory. In case of customers need to pick up the products by themselves at the Pruksa Laboratory or the Pruksa Clinic, please notify us and advise the branch in advance.

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